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Bulb Holders & Harnesses - PX15D 25.1 MPF bulb holder

PX15D 25.1 MPF bulb holder

Double contact bulb holder for PX15D 25.1 MPF (Mini Pre Focus) base bulbs. 52mm diameter, removable plastic surround with three equally spaced square cut locating tabs, on a 16.5mm  outer diameter metal holder with 15.5mm inner diameter. Two live connection leads and one earth - Green, earth (bullet connection); White, low beam; Blue, high beam (socket connections). Maximum depth 20.5mm. 

The bulbs are available in 6 or 12V and power outputs from 25/25W for (Honda and Yamaha) motorcycle and scooter headlamp applications. Bulbs feature a 25mm diameter focus plate with one rounded locating tabs. The three tabs on the bulb holder locate in the three slots in the back of the lamp - please chech that the back of your lamp will accept the holder. See bulbs B1065, B3596, B3598B, B3603, B3606, B3625, BA3598HA, BA3599 and BA3625A as well as LED options - part numbers PX15D25.1-H30-6N and P15D25.3-H30-6P (6V, warm white, negative and positive earth, without a lens) and P15D25.3-H30 (12V and 24V warm white without lens)

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