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All Bulbs - High performance H7 PX26D Bright White LED lamps set (PAIR)

High performance H7 PX26D Bright White LED lamps set (PAIR)

High-quality LED upgrade (with built-in mini cooling fan) for H7 lamps with the PX26D base. Set of two H7 bulbs.  Flexible application - accepts 9 to 32V input voltage so suitable for 12 or 24V vehicles. High-power 3570 type LEDs on each side provide high performance with a real output of 40W, giving over 3600 Lumen per bulb. In testing, 90% brighter (LUX measurement at a fixed distance) than B477 (55W) with a modern, bright white look. Low current draw - less than 50% of 55w halogen bulbs, so great for lower-powered electrical systems. 6000K clean bright, white colour temperature.

The latest plug-and-play upgrade for H7 bulbs - modern, powerful, high-performance lighting with reduced current consumption; Estimated lifespan significantly higher than conventional bulbs. The filament layout produces a good beam pattern.

This bulb is a very powerful LED upgrade alternative for a number of halogen bulbs including 12V B477 and 24V B775. These bulbs don't have an integral lens so can be used in any lamp. Total bulb height including wiring/spade connections 75mm. Due to the high-performance nature of the bulb, cooling cannot be achieved with a solid, no moving parts heatsink, hence the incorporation of a cooling fan.

Base Volts Watts/Amps Element Colour Application
H7 PX26D 12, 24 LED White Headlamp
@ £44.36/  Each  (exc. VAT)  (inc. VAT @ 20%)
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