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Head Spot & Fog Lamps - British Pre-focus P36D base with twin filaments and filament shield

British Pre-focus P36D base with twin filaments and filament shield

Incandescent bulbs with British Pre-focus P36D double contact base. Headlamp application for cars and commercial vehicles. B312B, B414B and B437 have twin transverse filaments with a horizontal filament shield. B306 and B370 have one transverse filament and one axial filament with a vertical filament shield. Incandescent versions of this bulb are listed as 'Related Products'.

No 6V halogen bulbs are available with a dipped beam filament shield. For 12V HALOGEN upgrade options with a filament shield, please see part numbers B414BH and B463BH.

For LED options please see part numbers P36DLED-H30L and P36DLED-H43L (6, 12 and 24V negative or positive earth compatible, with integral lens in either warm white or bright white). Also high performance LED lights P36DLED-P43 (12 and 24V, positive or negative earth compatible) and P36DLED-P43-6 (6V, negative or positive earth version) in classic white - these lights have a shield around the dipped beam LEDs replicating the arrangement on incandescent bulbs B306, B312B, B370 or B414B, as well as the two halogen options above.

Base Volts Watts/Amps Element Colour Application
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